Top Calorie Burning Exercises

Your metabolism increases when you exercise regularly. The higher metabolic rate you have, the faster your body burns calories.

According to a number of weight loss studies and experts, continuous exercises are the best calorie burning exercises out there.

What are these exercises? Well, you best know them as your aerobic exercises which are more effective than your stop-and-start routines, otherwise known as anaerobic exercises. Remember, in order to shed a pound off, you need to burn 3,500 calories. And if you’re 50 pounds overweight, well, I guess it’s about time to meet your brand new BFFs.


The “Harvard Heart Letter” states that in about 150 activities in weight loss, running ranked in three spots at three different speeds – first, third and fourth. Running with a speed of 10 mph, you’re burning 1,466 calories per hour in a 155lb person while for those who weight 185lb, a total of 1,466 calories are burned for 6-minute miles run. On the other hand, running for 7 and 8-minute miles burns 1,078 and 930 calories per hour in a person weighing 155lb. According to Dr. Dean Ornish, a weight loss expert, an average runner burns 100 calories per mile, but before venturing into strenuous exercises including running, it’s best to talk to your physician first.


Dust of that forgotten bicycle in the garage and take it for a spin as this is the second-best calorie burning exercise. In the same Harvard study, bicycling tied second with the speed of more than 20 mph and fifth with the 16 mph and 19 mph speed in the list of weight loss activities. An average of 1,228 calories are burned off per hour on a 155lb person going with the speed of more than 20 mph while an average of 992 calories are burned for those who ride with a speed of 16 to 19 mph.

Cross-country Skiing

Although Harvard didn’t include cross-country skiing in their study, the Wisconsin Department of Health and Family Services conducted a study of their own of about 175 weight loss exercises. The study reports that only running and bicycling fast burns calories faster than cross-country skiing. Uphill skiing for an hour with a speed of more than 8 mph burns 1,161 calories off a 155lb person. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, also a weight loss expert, tags cross-country skiing as the best fitness exercise. In addition, the college textbook “An Invitation to Health” also ranks it as one of the best exercises to improve fitness.

Speed Skating

Speed skating provides an unbelievable weight loss opportunity since it’s considered to be the fourth best calorie burning exercise. For a 155lb person, competitive speed skating burns 1,056 calories per hour. Lesser amount of calories are burned through other kinds of ice skating but this doesn’t change the fact that the sport is still considered to be a good weight loss activity. Skating in any form with a speed of more than 9 mph burns 633 calories per hour.

That’s just to name a few. Other top of the list includes canoeing, boxing, jai alai, squash, handball and stationary rowing on an exercise machine, which are all tied for fifth though tenth in the list of calorie burning exercises. All of these activities burn an average of 844 calories per hour in a 155lb person, as stated in the Wisconsin report.

Swimming and stationary biking ranked slightly outside of the top 10 but Dr. Cooper, ranks them as among the top six exercises for fitness along with running, walking, cross-country skiing and outdoor bicycling. According to the Harvard report, stationary bicycling is the top calorie burning gym activity.

Don’t forget to pace it. These are activities that should be done on a daily basis not for a day only. You’ve been a handed a fool-proof list of effective weight loss exercise, now couple that with a balanced diet, and you’re very well on your way to living a strong healthy life.

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